L’Oréal Australia is proud to partner with Good360, an organisation which ensures that brand new unsold goods can be provided to charities in order to help Australians in need.

Good360 was established in 2015 with the aim of delivering $1 billion worth of goods to vulnerable Australians. Founder and Managing Director, Alison Covington set up Good360 Australia after learning about the work Good360 was doing in the USA. Having seen the positive impact Good360 had had in America, where to date the organisation has distributed US$9 billion in critical goods, she decided to leave her corporate life to make good happen by connecting Australians living in poverty with items they need such as personal care goods, clothing and blankets.

Since establishing a partnership with Good360 in 2016, L’Oréal Australia has donated finished products which have gone to over 160 charities across Australian including the Women’s Alcohol & Drug Advisory Centre (Jarrah House), Australian Multicultural Community Services and Women’s Housing Limited.

Highlighting the impact already being made, Sandy Kervin, CEO of Jarrah House says, “the goods we obtain from the Good360 program allow us to use our limited dollars directly on client services and still be able to offer our clients brand new goods. The Makeup products such as eye shadow, foundation and lipstick donated by the brands within the L’Oréal Australia Group are luxury products that many of our women don’t have access to. They are able to experiment with a new look which definitely helps to lift their self-esteem and their spirits, assisting them to meet their own challenges.”

If you would like any further information about this partnership please contact us at [email protected]